Freebie Friday! Shirt, Shorts, & Rattle

You are probably looking at this photo and wondering if I received these three lovely items in the mail this week.  No my friends, I did not!  But these items, which might once have been considered trash and in need of replacing, are now functioning and whole again.

“Wait?!  How does she do it?!”  You ask.

Well, it’s called the lost art of hand-sewing.

“Oh my!”  You wonder, “What supplies does she use to do it?”

It’s very simple.  You get out your VERY inexpensive:

  • needle
  • thread
  • scissors
  • pins

You probably already have them laying around your house somewhere.  Then you stitch the side of that little elephant rattle back together, so that the stuffing stays in.  And you stitch that tank top strap back to the shirt where it broke.  Finally you stitch the seams of those shorts back together where they came apart.

Voila!  “New” items without the cost of replacing or repair.

Now aren’t you proud of yourself?


What freebies have you found, or “made” this week?

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