FREE Stuff: The Baby Doll Stroller

Last week I advertised on Facebook that I was in the market for some inexpensive toys, as Naomi is approaching her second birthday.  She loves play kitchens, dollhouses, play gardens, and play houses.  I received a lot of suggestions, including Craigslist, Amazon, E-bay, Goodwill, Freecycle, Yard Sales, and homemade designs.  However, Rebekah (a high school classmate) actually had a baby doll stroller that her daughter owned but had rarely ever used.  She said that Naomi was welcome to have it if I would stop by and pick it up. We also figured out that we’re practically next door neighbors.  Isn’t the stroller just adorable?  I think Naomi will absolutely love it!

UPDATE: Not only did Naomi love it, but she hasn’t let it out of her sight!  She pushed her babies upstairs, downstairs, and outside.  she repeatedly told me, “RUN!” because Daddy takes her running with him in the stroller.  Her first word when she woke from her nap, and her last word before she went to bed at night was “Stroller…” Thanks again Rebekah, from one very pleased little girl.  🙂

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  2. brittney says:

    i love this stroller it is pretty and cute i love it.

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