Free Fun: Turtle Sandbox/Pool and Water Table

A few days ago, Brad and I noticed that our neighbors had placed a number of outdoor toys along their front sidewalk, with a large sign that said, “FREE.”  A few hours later we walked over and picked up some of the toys and brought them over to our house.  Among the toys we got for free were a turtle sandbox/pool and a water table.  The kids had a great time yesterday playing in the water with their buckets and shovels.  Yeah for free fun!

What free fun have you found for your kids recently?

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2 Responses to “Free Fun: Turtle Sandbox/Pool and Water Table”

  1. becca g says:

    mud puddles are good. today it was sticks and string for a bow/whip. those kids are TOO cute!

    • Jessica says:

      Great ideas! My kids love puddles too, and sticks, string, rocks, dirt, worms, lady bugs, spiders, pill bugs, shovels, forks, and more. They love to get dirty. Oliver almost ate a worm recently! 🙂

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