FREE Books!

As I was packing for two trips recently, I collected some of the books I was hoping to read.  I love to read!  I love relaxing with a book, and I love learning new things.  I also love finding FREE books!  Among the books above are

  • two books that I borrowed (one from my mom, and one from my dad),
  • and three books that I got from the library.

One of the benefits of having a large family of people who love to read, is that we are always borrowing one another’s books!  So one book can supply all of us with hours of reading pleasure. In this case, those hours were spent reading on our annual family vacation at the beach!

What are some ways that you are able to find FREE or inexpensive books?


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3 Responses to “FREE Books!”

  1. I found you can now check out Kindle books from your local library!

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