Folding Clothes


My kids are a little weird.  (They come by it naturally of course, since Brad and I are pretty weird too!)  Oliver likes to wash the dishes, and set the table.  Naomi likes to vacuum, fold clothes, and even asked for a broom for her birthday.  They love to help make the beds, put groceries away, and prepare meals.  Allowing the kids to help with household chores and responsibilities at this age usually means it will take longer (and it will be messier) than just doing it myself.

Last week I stood in the living room surrounded by laundry from the Fourth of July.  I started separating and folding the clothes, and Naomi begged to fold the towels.  I looked at the pile and laughed…it was as tall as she was!  However, I figured it would keep her busy while I worked on the rest of the laundry.  I even grabbed the camera, figuring I might get a humorous blog post out of it.

Well, Naomi surprised me again!  She folded almost every towel by herself, although I had to teach her how to fold the big towels.  She even sorted them by size!  What a funny kid.  I thought it might be a one-time thing, but she did it again today too.  I’m learning not to underestimate this just-turned-four-year-old.

What chores do your kids enjoy doing around the house?


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