December Sabbatical


Dear Readers,

Thank you for your patience with me for the last month!  As you have probably noticed, I have been missing in action since the beginning of December.  Although my last post was on December 7, I actually have not written anything since Thanksgiving break while I was in Maryland.  Our family returned to California for our most difficult and busy month of the entire year.  I hope to write you more about our dark December, but for now I will just have to say that there was no time for blogging in the midst of it all.  I do hope to do a little more blogging in January before the birth of our third child!  She is due on January 22, but knowing our kids, she may arrive in early February.  I don’t know how regular I’ll be able to blog with a newborn since that will be a new experience for me.  Thanks for hanging in there, and joining us in our adventures!



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  1. Shan says:

    Welcome back. I have checked often to see if you had posted. I am sorry to hear you had such a rough Dec. I pray that 2013 will bring much happiness your way. Good luck with your labor,delivery, and your new bundle of joy. You will have some little helpers in your other 2 kids. Take advantage of it. 🙂 Take care.

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