December 11, 2010: Dear Naomi

Dear Naomi,


As you have grown from a tiny infant into a 17-month-old toddler, you have made every day an adventure for your father and me.  Activities that were once mundane are now exciting with you along for the ride!  You are a little sponge, soaking up every word and experience with enthusiasm and joy.  You constantly make us laugh and smile at your antics and expressions.  You eat with gusto, you shriek with laughter, you give big hugs and blow kisses, you greet every day with a smile, and every stranger with an enthusiastic wave of “hi!” and “bye!”  You climb in an out of the dog’s crate, lounge on the dogs, share food with them, and run around with dog toys in your hand so that they’ll chase you (shrieking the entire time).  You “tickle” our bellies and feet with your little fingers and flash your teeth in a grin when grandma reminds you to “chew with your teeth!”  Your father and I are your fascinated students, and you are our eager teacher.


With each day your vocabulary expands:  “dog” and “kitty” are probably your favorite words after “ma” and “da.”  But you also love “baby” and “belly,” guinea “pigs” and “books,” and putting on “socks” and “shoes.”  You love yelling “Josh!” to my brother, taking a “bath”, riding in the “car,” going “outside,” and playing with a “ball.”  You eagerly get your “chair” to climb up to the countertops, or your “bib” when it’s time to eat.  You ask for “water” when you’re thirsty, “bananas” and “cereal” for breakfast, and “cheese” and “grapes” for lunch.  You even say “poop” when I change your diaper!  You say “ooohh…” and “wow…” and “woah…” when something impresses you.   You “dance, dance” to music, and “rock, rock” on the rocking chair, and talk and sing to yourself when you play alone.  You say “BOO!” when you surprise us, and then erupt into giggles.  Often times we are the only ones who can understand you, but your pronunciation improves daily.  We also enjoy your long babbling sentences in foreign languages that no one understands but you!


Sometime this week you will get to meet your little brother.  I know that you will love him very much, and be a big help in taking care of him.  You love to help us, and you love babies, so I know you will love him very much.  I want you to know that we will not love you any less because there are two of you.  That is the best thing about love…when it is divided, it multiplies!  There will be even more love in our home with four of us.  We will love each of you in a special way, because each of you is unique.  You have brought so much joy to our lives already, and made all our difficult days bearable.  You help us to find joy in simplicity, to remember what is valuable, and to see the world as fresh and new again.  Thank you for teaching us to be parents, and for making every day brighter with your presence.  We love you!



Mommy and Daddy

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