Dear Naomi: July 7, 2012

Dear Naomi,

I am really looking forward to spending today and tomorrow celebrating your 3rd birthday with you.  Today we will enjoy some of your favorite activities.  We will go swimming at the pool and then we will dry off and walk over to the park to climb on the play equipment.  We will eat packed lunches with our friends, and then sing “Happy Birthday” to you over Doritos and gooey chocolate cupcakes that you decorated with sprinkles and M&M’s.  I know you’ll love running around with your friends in the warm sunshine on this happy day.

Tomorrow we’ll have a family birthday party for you at home, opening gifts that arrived in the mail from the East Coast and gifts from us.  We’ll play with your new things and celebrate again these last three wonderful years since you came into our lives, making us parents for the first time.  We’ll eat ice cream and more cupcakes and Doritos, and hang balloons and streamers around the living room and dining room.

We’ve spent the last week visiting Daddy at the Fireworks Fundraiser Booth, attending holiday celebrations, and holiday parties.  You, my little social butterfly, have loved every minute of it.  Through bowls of frozen yogurt, pizza from the box, rides in the car, swimming in a fountain and a pool, listening to a band, and shopping with me, you have enjoyed every new adventure this week held.  You made new friends everywhere we went, opening with your favorite line, “What’s your name?”

For the last week, when you have prayed over meals, you have opened with “Dear Jesus, thank you for this food.”  Daddy leaned in close, and said, “AND?”  You continued, “And thank you for my birthday, AMEN!”  Today I asked you, “How old are you now?” and you replied immediately, “FREE!”  (Three!)  You always keep us laughing with your observations, your mispronunciations, and your bossiness.  Every morning you wake me up with, “Mommy, I’m awake!  You need to make breakfast.  Put on your wobe (robe).”  Lately you’ve been telling me that you have “wacky (waxy) ears.”

Whatever the next year brings, I know it will be a fun adventure with you along for the ride.  You keep us on our toes, keep us laughing, and keep us in line every day of the year.  Happy third birthday to our favorite birthday girl.  We are so proud of you.  May this year hold many more wonderful new experiences for you!



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