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How I Survive Short Stints as a Single Mom

My husband does youth-ministry full-time, so part of my job as Mom is holding down the fort while he travels for retreats, training, fundraisers, service projects, and camps.  By the time we close 2013, he will have been away from our family for about 50 days this year.  Of course, he also works from home […]

Toddler Tuesday: California State Railroad Museum

On August 20, we packed up our kids for a big adventure!  We drove down to Sacramento in hopes of riding the train that departs from the California State Railroad Museum.  I had heard about the train and train museum from my friend BeccaG! Naomi brought two of her favorite books along for ride, The […]

Toddler Tuesday: 20 Frugal Field Trips

This has been one HOT summer in California, but if your kids are like mine, they need to get out of the house and DO something!  Early in the year I looked at the calendar and scheduled one Field Trip for each month, to guarantee that I would keep exploring our new hometown.  As the […]

Getting to the Wedding (Or How We Raised $1200 in 5 Months): Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of this story, you can find it here.  On June 10, 2012 my entire family was present for the wedding of my sister Kristy and her new husband Zach, in Maryland.  Kristy and Zach both live in Kansas but they, and most of Zach’s family, made the trip to our […]

Getting to the Wedding (Or How We’re Trying to Raise $1200 in 5 Months)

If you know a little about me, then you know that I am the oldest of six children.  Four girls and two boys, to be exact.  My sister Kristy is the fourth child in our family, and the third to get married.  Below is a photograph of Kristy, and her fiancee Zach (taken by my […]

Toddler Tuesday: Entertaining Your Toddler(s) on an Airplane

After all my years of traveling, perhaps I should just start writing a series on “How to Survive” various travel scenarios.  But today, I turn my lens on air travel with your toddler(s).  Whenever you travel by air, safety and obedience to regulations should be your top priority.  But beyond that, here are a few […]

Cross-Country Holiday Air Travel on a Tight Budget

Cross-country air travel is not exactly cheap these days.  Here is how we were able to afford to fly our family of four home for Thanksgiving on a tight budget: We asked for help with travel expenses as a Christmas gift. We made our presence a present.  (We spent our Christmas gift money on airfare.) […]

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