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Freebie Friday!

We have all kinds of “free” things growing around our house these days!  Our compost pile has exploded into a gigantic pumpkin patch that gets bigger every day.  Our grape arbor (which only produced two bunches of grapes last year) is covered in grapes.  We’re already harvesting bright red tomatoes from our two tomato plants.  […]

Toddler Tuesday: Legos

When my husband was cleaning out his office this past winter, he stumbled on a box marked “Kids Toys.”  He opened it up to find hundreds of Legos inside.  He brought them home, and our kids have loved playing with them ever since.  We keep them in the garage, and then when we want to […]

Freebie Friday: Bright Starts Pink Play Gym

Among our usual freebies from the mail, we also received a hand-me-down Bright Starts Pink Play Gym this week!  Evelyn (4 1/2 months) has been having a good time rolling around under the dangling toys. What freebies have you received this week?

Freebie Friday

What fun freebies have you received this week?  

A Free Fence!

On Saturday morning, the landlord of our neighbor’s house stopped by to introduce himself.  He wanted to know if it was okay if he and his sons removed and replaced the broken old fence between our yards this week. He wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t mind the yard waste and building materials laying […]

Free Sod!

Somtimes God surprises us with the things we need or want, before we even think to ask! Last week, a friend posted on Facebook that she needed to find a home for 30 extra pieces of sod.  She and her husband had ordered too much, and it needed to be used immediately or else it […]

Freebie Friday!

Today is Freebie Friday!  I am always on the look-out for freebies.  Ever since we lived in Minnesota and went 6 months on half salary, followed by a year of substitute-teaching, I have been grateful for deals that involve no expense.  What fun freebies have you received recently?

Freebie Friday: Photomontage

What free stuff have you received recently?

Fun Freebies

We’ve ended up with some fun freebies recently, so I thought you would enjoy seeing what we’d received.  Although I had been interested these items, we did not ask for them.  Various friends offered them to us as their children outgrew them! A baby swing A bassinet A playhouse A swimming pool And a climber! […]

Handmade by Kayla Holmes

As many of you know, my husband is an Area Director for Young Life.  Through Young Life, we have many friends.  So when word got out that I was pregnant with our third child, Kayla Holmes asked my husband if she could make me a car seat cover. Kayla asked me to look at her […]

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