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Q & A Wednesday: How Do I Get My Husband On Board With Debt Freedom?

One of the questions that frequently comes up when I talk to wives about debt freedom, is “How do I get my husband on board?”  I am not a marriage counselor by any means, but I have been married for almost 10 years.  From the time Brad and I became aware of what “Debt Freedom” […]

A Valentine’s Day Dedication to the Man I Love

Brad has been in Colorado all this week for what Young Life calls, “Timeline Training.”  It is a week of continuing education classes at the beautiful Cheyenne Mountain Resort.  With Brad out of the house, I often notice the things I take for granted when he is here.  It’s true, absence often does make the […]

What I’ve Been Up To For The Last 6 Weeks & How My Goals Are Changing

I looked at the calendar today, and realized that it has been 6 weeks since I last posted to my blog!  I could blame the fact that I substitute-taught for several days in March and April, or the fact that Brad went on a mission trip to Mexico for Spring Break, or even that my […]

30 Days of Praying for Your Local High School: Day 18 Praying for Your Husband

When I was in elementary school our gym teacher, Mr. Sherald, forbade us from ever using the words, “I can’t.”  This frustrated me a great deal at the time.  Athletics weren’t exactly my strong suit, so those words often crossed my lips in the gymnasium.  Mr. Sherald kept correcting me even as I finished last, […]

How I Survive Short Stints as a Single Mom

My husband does youth-ministry full-time, so part of my job as Mom is holding down the fort while he travels for retreats, training, fundraisers, service projects, and camps.  By the time we close 2013, he will have been away from our family for about 50 days this year.  Of course, he also works from home […]

7 Love Letters in 7 Days

When Brad proposed to me on July 6, 2005, we’d only been dating for 6 weeks. Of those 6 weeks, Brad spent 4 weeks on Summer Staff at a camp in Virginia.  I was in Maryland, attending grad school.  I wrote and mailed him a love letter for every day of those 4 weeks. Love […]

Missing Men

Two doors down from our house is a family that keeps a large kiddie pool filled with water in their driveway.  Tonight as we were walking by, they invited us again to come over for a swim.  After yet another hot day (it’s been in the triple digits all week), a dip sounded perfect.  So […]

May 16, 2012: Home Sweet Home

When Brad and I chose our home in California, we analyzed every last detail.  We looked at dozens of houses.  In fact, Brad still boasts (and laughs) at the elaborate spreadsheet that I created detailing all the qualities of each rental home we found on Craigslist or the various realty websites.  In the end, Brad […]

Toddler Tuesday: Honoring Daddy

It’s never too early to begin teaching your children to honor their father and mother.  As their Mommy, I am trying to teach my children to honor their Daddy in lots of little ways.  Here are five ideas for honoring Daddy: 1.  Do something special “for Daddy” when he is out.  Draw him a picture, […]

5 Cheap Date Ideas for You and Your Spouse

If you’re anything like Brad and I, you and your spouse are trying to live abundantly on less, without shortchanging your relationship with one another.  We all know that dating one’s spouse is healthy for any marriage, but it’s difficult to find the money for dinners, movies, and babysitters on a tight budget.  So here […]

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