Book Review: The Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples

If you’ve been following along with the books I’ve read in 2012, you’ve probably noticed that I favor non-fiction and classics.  I like reading books that have immediate real-life applications and those that teach me something new.

The Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples is no different.  It is divided into four parts: Developing a Short-Range Plan, Critical Family Issues (Long-Range Plans), Children’s Finances, and 10 Keys to Successful Investing.  I really enjoyed Burkett’s perspective on finances through the lens of faith and family.  He supports his points with evidence from the scriptures, and discusses how to address finances in your marriage and with your children.

One of the things that I will take away from this book is Burkett’s emphasis on creating a budget and what to include in your budget.  I have already rewritten our budget twice since reading this book.  I still need to take more time examine our budget and include more items in it that I have neglected in the past.  I also need to take the time to do some of the long-term planning that Burkett suggests.

If you are interested in learning more about Larry Burkett, you can read more about his involvement with Campus Crusade for Christ and co-founding of Crown Financial Ministries here.

What interesting books have you been reading recently?

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