Book Review: Secrets to a Happy Life by Bill Giovanetti

Secrets to a Happy Life: Finding Satisfaction in Any Situationby Bill Giovanetti uses the life of Joseph as an example of how to find the secrets to happiness.  For example, one of the things that made Joseph happy was that he saw himself as a pilgrim.  In other words, he held on to all things lightly.  He had a healthy detachment to his stuff, he lived with a happy simplicity, and he realized that his ultimate rewards were in the future.

Giovanetti highlights the following eleven secrets of happiness, intertwined with his personal testimony: Letting Go, Destiny, Consistency, Loyalty, Endurance, Trust, Closure, Identity, Wisdom, Surrender, and Love.  I enjoyed his perspective on Joseph, Jacob, & Joseph’s brothers.  It was it was my fourth reading of that text this year, so it was fresh in my mind.  Joseph proves Giovanetti’s point well: “Happiness begins in the soul….happiness does not depend on the quality of your stuff; it depends on the condition of your heart.”

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