Book Review: Parenting Isn’t For Cowards–Dealing Confidently With The Frustrations of Child-Rearing

As a new mom, I get a lot of helpful advice and encouragement from reading books about child-rearing.  One of the best-known Christian authors on the subject of child-rearing is Dr. James Dobson.  Parenting Isn’t For Cowards: Dealing Confidently with the Frustrations of Child-Rearing was written in 1987,and based on a study of more than 35,000 parents.  I recently enjoyed Bringing Up Boys by Dr. Dobson, and I also enjoyed this study that focused on the differences in parenting the strong-willed child and the compliant child.

Although the times have changed in the last 25 years since this book was published, the message of the book remains the same: parents have unnecessarily burdened themselves with guilt, fear, and self-doubt.  This book is dedicated to the mothers of the world, in hopes of making their task a little less difficult.  I found that even though this book is written to parents of children in all stages of life, I especially enjoyed chapters 6-8 which address the parents of young children.  Even if you do not have any children, I think you can appreciate the opportunity to view the family from the perspective of the parent or the child.

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What books do you recommend that I read in 2012?

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