April 11, 2011: Job Search Update


Family Photo: The “YMCA”

Brad began working full-time as a long-term substitute teacher at an alternative school for boys on February 9, 2011.  An acquaintance from church recommended him when their P.E. teacher needed a long-term substitute while she was out for surgery.  The job was initially supposed to last for 4-6 weeks.  When the regular teacher returned, the staff continued to find substituting jobs for him for another week.

When they couldn’t find any more work for Brad, he accepted a long-term substituting job at a public high schoolfor 1.5 weeks.  On the last day of that job, the alternative school called him again.  They needed him for another 5 weeks.  This will give Brad employment until May 11, 2011 when he will begin working at a day camp.  He will be working there as a lifeguard and swim instructor through the summer months, until the end of August.

We could not be happier that Brad has steady employment from February 9 to August 19.  We are so grateful to God for providing steady employment while we pursue another position in full-time ministry.

How have your friends helped you in your time of need?  How do you see God meeting your needs today?


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