5 Inexpensive Ways to Create A Cozy Master Bedroom

After 6 months in our new rental, it is finally beginning to feel less like a house and more like a home.  Here are few ways I’ve been able to make our master bedroom more cozy:

1. Colors: Choose colors for your master bedroom that make you feel cozy and comfortable.  Whether you like warm tones or cool tones, select a palette that allows you to relax.

2. Window Coverings & Lighting: Choose window coverings that allow for sufficient privacy.  We chose inexpensive black-out blinds until we can afford (or create) curtains.  If you’re unsure of the privacy of your window coverings, walk outside at night to see if you can see through them.  Choose low lighting to allow for illumination, in a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

3. Wall Hangings: Choose wall hangings that are in good condition and are, again, relaxing and pleasant to behold.  Remember, this is your sleep space, not your work space (unless you have chosen to combine the two).  I chose to hang three photos from our wedding over the bed, and a photo of us when we were engaged.

4. Pillows, Sheets, & Comforters: Did you know that you will sleep better in a made bed?  I read this fact all the time.  Choose pillows, sheets, and comforters with a pleasing texture and enough warmth for your needs.  Then wash them regularly, and make your bed daily.

5. Floors & Storage Spaces: Again, you will feed more like resting and relaxing in your bedroom if it is neat and clean.  I recently unpacked most of the boxes we still had in our bedroom, or moved them out to the garage.  I went through my drawers and closets, folding clothing, or setting aside items to give away that I never wore.

Our bedroom is not the perfect master bedroom, by any means, nor is this list meant to be exhaustive.  What are some inexpensive ways you would suggest for creating a cozy master bedroom?

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