30 Days of Praying for Your Local High School: Day 7 The Secular World

30 Days of Prayer

Last night we had the entire high school freshmen football team, coaches, and a few of their family members over for spaghetti, Italian bread, Caesar salad, and ice cream sandwiches. I have never seen so much food disappear so quickly!  It was a whirlwind day, but so much fun to be able to serve the team in this way.  Tonight Brad was out on the field with them again, watching them win their fourth game in a row.

This morning in Bible Study Fellowship our teacher told us that Jesus spent nine-tenths (90%) of his life in the secular world.  If you are a Christian, are you following Christ’s example and spending nine-tenths of your life in the secular world?  I know that I’m not.  I think I did when I was teaching full-time, but since becoming a stay-at-home-mom I don’t get out as much.  I know this is a short phase of my life, and I am content to stay home and train up my children for the short time that I have them home with me.  Whatever phase of life you are in, I challenge you to look around you.  Where can you get involved in sharing the gospel message with the secular world around you?

This morning as I walked around the high school, I prayed specifically for the football team, coaches, parents, and siblings that I met last night.  I prayed for the fans and those who look up to the football players for leadership.  I prayed for those I met with broken homes and financial difficulties.  I prayed for my husband as he reaches out to these teenagers, who are still boys at heart.  I also continue to pray for the courage to start talking to the teenagers I meet as I walk.  I hope you will pray for me as I walk, and I will pray for you too!

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  1. Jeff Head says:

    I’m really enjoying reading this series. I really like reading how you are putting your faith into action. It humbles me to see the faith of my children and how they are growing in their walk with God.

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