30 Days of Praying for Your Local High School: Day 1 Thanksgiving

30 Days of Prayer

Today was my first day of praying for our local high school.  I got up around 6:35am and was out of the house by 6:50am.  It was breezy and cool, and I soon wished I’d put on jeans instead of khaki shorts.  I quickly walked the two blocks West, and one block North to our high school.  I crossed at the stop-light, and then stood outside the tennis courts for a moment, before deciding to continue West.  I walked the large rectangle around the campus, passing the front office just at the pre-period bell rang at 7:10am.  I only saw a handful of students this morning.  Brad told me that the pre-period is optional, so I think I was there a little too early for the crowds of students I was expecting.

Today my primary prayer was one of Thanksgiving.  I thanked God for:

  • A country in which we have freedom of religion and the freedom to educate our children as we choose
  • My husband, the leaders, and the committee who are a part of our local youth ministry team
  • Our local public high school and the students within its walls
  • Our home here, so close to the school and the students we love
  • The teachers, coaches, and administrators who work with the students all day long

After praying, I stopped at the coffee shop that serves so many of our high school students every day.  I met Donna & Ray, and sampled an apricot scone and hot chocolate from the menu.  I worked on my Bible Study homework, and when I was done I walked back to the house.  I was back by 8am, and met by the giggles of my two oldest children.  Maybe next time I’ll take some of the kids along for my prayer walk.

How did your first day of praying for your local high school go?

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