30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #4 Surface Clean the Kids’ Bedroom

Today’s project was Surface Cleaning An Extra Room in the House.  I chose our kids’ bedroom.  It’s raining outside, and we’ve all got colds so we’re all staying inside today.  As soon as I had the baby down for a nap in the Master Bedroom, I dumped out a giant pile of legos, turned on “Toy Story” and got to work.

I found mold again, this time on one of the kids’ windows.  It’s usually so dry and sunny here in California, that I’m surprised the mold had time to grow!  I also found a missing pair of underwear and pants under the dresser, and a candy necklace under the crib.  I didn’t vacuum today since I just vacuumed on Tuesday.  I’ve put off mopping so far, but since our house has wood floors throughout, that should probably be included in “surface cleaning.”  I’ll get around to mopping eventually.  🙂

I didn’t have much trouble finding 7 items to get rid of in my kids’ room.  There are always old, broken, or unused items to dispose of scattered around their room.

What’s the weather like in your area?  Has your family come down with any colds recently?

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7 Responses to “30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #4 Surface Clean the Kids’ Bedroom”

  1. Hi Abundant Wife, I too am doing the 30 day challenge! As far as the tossing things aspect of this challenge, I agree, my children’s rooms are notorious for excess junk. I cleaned my daughter’s room a few days ago and literally had a full size garbage bag when I was finished. It feels so good to toss it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Melinda says:

    Great job on cleaning their rooms!

  3. […] Project #24 of the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge is to clean your linen closet.  However, our linen closet is pretty organized so there wasn’t much to do there.  Instead I decided to go back to the kids’ room.  I hadn’t cleaned up much in there since Project #4. […]

  4. Karilyn Head says:

    You feel about vacuuming the way that I do about mopping! I severely dislike mopping. 🙁

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