30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #1 Straighten the Kitchen & Living Room

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Yes, I’m back at the computer, albeit rather reluctantly.  I’ve had a wonderful blogging sabbatical these last 4 months, (and a Facebook sabbatical for the last 6 1/2 weeks) and I have really been wrestling with whether or not I should continue blogging.  There are so many factors, but one of the biggest issues is TIME.  Yet I have so much on my heart that I want to write, and my mind is constantly composing my next correspondence.  So here I am, cautiously dipping my toes into the realm of blogging once more…

During the month of April I’ll be linking up with Money Saving Mom (Crystal Paine) for a 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge.  If you’d like to join me, I’ll be following this Fresh & Organized Printable.  Unfortunately I won’t be taking any pictures this week because Brad has our camera in Mexico!  He’s there for a mission trip, but he’ll be back soon.

So, today I did not get around to vacuuming the living room, but I DID straighten up the living room and kitchen which have gotten pretty messy since I started doing a painting on the dining room table a week ago.  We’ve been eating on the coffee table, so the carpet could definitely use the vacuuming!  Otherwise, I surface clean the kitchen and wash the dishes daily, so there wasn’t much new to do there.  Tomorrow is trash day, so I did get rid of at least 7 items during today’s clean up efforts.

How about you?  Did you get around to surface cleaning your living room and kitchen today?

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