3 Ways We’ve Saved Money Recently

Recently I was able to save money in three different areas of our budget.  Maybe some of these ideas will work for you too!

1. We have arranged to pay our utilities bill using a “Balanced Payment Plan.”  This month our payment dropped, saving us $15.77 per month!

2. I thought our auto insurance bill was too high, so I called around looking for a better deal.  Once I had some estimates, I called my current provider.  They wanted to keep my business, so they looked for ways to cut my costs.  They noticed that we drive our truck less than 8,000 miles per year.  We were able to keep our same coverage with the same company at a lower cost, saving us $7 per month!

3. Brad is an avid runner, but running shoes can be expensive.  I looked around on-line until I found last-year’s model for $80 per pair.  I paid $160 for two pairs of shoes (with free shipping).  Brad gets a $125 fitness reimbursement through his job, making his shoes only $35 ($17.50 per pair) out of pocket.  Finally, I purchased his shoes through Swagbucks, which paid me 2 Swagbucks per dollar.  So I also earned 320 Swagbucks which I will put toward the purchase of a $5 Amazon gift card.

If I could keep our utility bill where it currently is, these changes would add up to $403 saved this year!

How have you been able to save money on budgeted items recently?

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2 Responses to “3 Ways We’ve Saved Money Recently”

  1. Alexandra F says:

    Great for saving so much money!
    Why are his shoes so expensive?

    • Jessica says:

      He wears Adidas Supernovas in a Size 13 to run and train for 50-mile Ultra Marathons. He likes the way they fit/feel. I guess the price is just because they’re a specialized shoe. They’re his birthday present every year. 🙂

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