2012 Goals: October Update

As many of you know, I am a big fan of goal-setting.  I’ve learned that one of the best ways to achieve my goals is to begin by writing them down!  At the beginning of the year I typed up a list of goals, and pinned it to the bulletin board over my desk.  Each month I cross off my goals as I achieve them.  Many goals have gotten bumped to the next month (some more than once!) but I keep on plugging away at them in hopes that I will reach them before the end of the year.

I frequently called October my “Home Improvement Month.”  I knew my parents, grandmother, youngest sister, and youngest brother were coming to visit us from October 25-27, so I spent the rest of the month getting the house ready.  I had a number of things in mind that I wanted to do, and their visit gave me a great deadline.  We also had fun this month doing some fall activities and visiting some new places in California.


All-Staff Conference, Meet My Sister’s New Baby, Substitute-Teach in Maryland, Find New Doctors/Dentists


Substitute-Teach in Maryland, New Driver’s Licenses, New Registration, New Auto Insurance, New Keys, Have Truck Weighed/Smog-Checked


Study for and Pass the CBEST, TB Test, Fingerprinting, Order and Install Blinds, Letter to Naomi, Letter to Oliver, Invite Someone Over, Visit Factory


Attend BSF Bible Study every Week (Complete All Homework), Visit Community Museum, Invite Someone Over


Attend BSF Bible Study every Week (Complete All Homework), Attend Sacred Marriage Couples Bible Study every Sunday (Prepare a Dish), Visit Fort Bragg with friends, Invite Team Over, Pay Off Citimortgage (2nd Mortgage), Apply for Refinance (1st Mortgage), Try Using Cash for Groceries and Gas, Weed Flower Beds, Transplant Bulbs, Make Mother’s Day Gifts


Attend Sacred Marriage Couples Bible Study every Sunday (Prepare a Dish), Attend My Sister’s Wedding in Maryland, Orioles Game, Take Kids Swimming Every Friday, Invite Leaders Over


Purchase Black-Out Curtains for Kids’ Room, Birthday Letter to Naomi, E-mail Landlord Photos of House, Renew Lease on our Rental Property, Apply to Substitute-Teach, Take Kids Swimming Every Friday, Invite Leaders Over


Sell Washing Machine/Grill/Books On-Line, Visit Lake/Park/California State Railroad Museum, Clean Out Garage, Install Kitchen Cabinet Handles, Repair Diaper Hamper, Make Toilet-Paper Holder, Clean Truck Interior, Mount Carbon Monoxide Detector, Mount Curtain Rods and Curtains in Kids’ Room, Hang Naomi’s Stars and Brad’s Schedule, Frame 8×10 Photo, Clean Fridge Interior, Take Kids Swimming Every Friday, Get Texting for Brad, Substitute-Teacher Orientation, Apply New Blog Theme, Link Blog to Facebook, Link Blog’s Facebook to Pinterest, Invite Leaders Over


Visit River/Old Sacramento Gold Rush Days, Create Blogging Masterminds Facebook Group, Re-Write English Curriculum, Invite Team Over, Swap Regular/Maternity Clothes in my Dresser, Purchase Tickets for Flight to Maryland in November, Renew Substitute-Teaching License in Maryland, Create Painting for Church, Decipher Substitute-Teaching Documents, Close on Refinance (1st Mortgage), Hang White Board


Decorate for Fall, Attend Church Membership Classes, Attend Women’s Retreat, Find Halloween Costumes, Visit Pumpkin Farm, Prepare for my Family visiting, Visit Fort Bragg, Visit Chandelier Drive-Thru Redwood Tree, Visit Pumpkin Farm, Visit Lake Tahoe, Attempt to fix Oliver’s Dresser Drawer (I finally threw it away), Install Door-Stoppers, Sell Books On-Line, Brown Spot-Painting on Woodwork Around House, Re-Paint Hallway, Paint Birch Tree Murals in Kids’ Room, Hang Clock/Batteries, Take Truck to Mechanic for “Check Engine” Light, Repair Lamp with JBWeld, Hot Glue Broken Butterfly, Wood Glue Broken Bulletin Board, Apply Felt Pads to Bottoms of Chairs, Vacuum Furnace, Start Purchasing Christmas Gifts


Make/Purchase Christmas Gifts, Visit Family in Maryland for Thanksgiving, Visit Historical Society/Community Museum/Sacramento Zoo, Create More Detailed Budget, Try Crown Mvelopes..

*These items seem to keep getting bumped from month to month: Find New Home-Owner’s Insurance, Investigate Long-Term Plans, Drill Holes for 4 Handles in Bathroom, Spackle/Sand Bathroom, Cover Back of Medicine Cabinet, Paint Inside Bathroom Cabinets/Drawers, Paint Kitchen Cabinets, Install Child Locks, Learn to Use Sewing Machine, Attach Kids’ Dressers to Walls, Babysit/House-sit/Pet-sit, Find Cheaper Auto Insurance, Apricot Preserves


Make Anniversary Plans, Brad’s Family Visiting, Prepare for Annual Christmas Party, Visit Museum


Have you created a list of goals for 2012?  I’d love to read an update on your progress in the comments below!

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